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12/05/12 06:55 PM #1    


Ralph Vander Heide (1956)



I would like to say how much I enjoyed Reading "Chris and Louisa". It was hard to put down once I got into it.

The plot was superb and the writing was excellent. A lot of history, philosophy, religion, politics, mystery and suspense all rolled up in one. A lot of things in the book were very new to me. If I have time I might go over some of the vocabulary, names, places to educate myself.






02/01/13 11:34 AM #2    

Fred Peabody (Sigma) (1956)

Look at the new photos added to the 2007 Reunion Gallery and the 2012 Golf Gallery.

They bring back some good memories.

Great photos, Daryl...THANKS!

10/28/13 11:54 PM #3    


Ralph Vander Heide (1956)

I enjoyed our get together very much. It is interesting to learn that we have all done as well as those who attended much more high powered schools. Is this message in the right place, Earl? That is what frustrates me--this computer world, but I like it anyway. I suppose one can become philosophical and analyze what benefit one gets from such a gathering, but why? It gives mutual support and we learn of common concerns, joys, sorrows, and just plain fun even at our ages and I'll be damned if I shall ever understand how I got to be so old. I was warned all my life then one day it happened. Anyway, Earl gets stuck (or gets the opportunity, joy, happiness, demonstration of managerial skills in notifying, finding a place and all. We need to not only thank Earl but perhaps help with some of his tasks. THANKS EARL. The best to everyone who attended and heartfelt encouragement in solving problems and any unhappiness I heard of in your lives .May illnesses be bettered. Some of you have probably had enough wives, but I wish success in the area of romance also if the old fire is still wherever it used to be. GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOU UNDERTAKE (MAYBE AT OUR AGE I SHOULD AVOID THAT WORD---YEAH,) . . .IN ALL YOU DO. As to Brother German (member of the wrong fraternity) well, he had a good idea and May we all achieve his energy level. ENOUGH! RALPH V

03/17/14 04:08 PM #4    


Earl Porter (1956)

Is anyone using the Facebook Class Connection application to access the Sigma-Excels 'class'?

Post your comments about it in this Message Fourm.

03/19/14 12:47 AM #5    

Gordon Findlay (1960)

Nope...probably will not either.  To many sour experiences with that tool.

03/19/14 04:59 PM #6    


Earl Porter (1956)

Which tool, Gordon, Facebook?

I'm not a user of Facebook but the app Class Connection is just a way to get the Sigma-Excels website in a slightly different format. You don't have to do any of the Facebook 'stuff'. As the creators stress, Class Connection is completely isolated from Facebook.

05/15/15 01:34 PM #7    


Ralph Vander Heide (1956)

We should all make a blood oathe to attend  the big shindig in September.  I just turned 78 which causes one to focus (if his eyes are okay!) on the shortness of life.

We who have been meeting once per month have learned new twists on old stories.  We have learned to appreciate shared memories more than when the subjects experienced those memories (Get that?  It is quite profound).

In spite of profundity or lack off, I herewith sign up for the big Greek party.  Maybe that will  encourage those well-known Cutrubus brothers to appear. After all, I purchased an Audi last fall and could buy another!

Well, you are all much wiser now than in those WSU days, and undoubtedly make no bad decisions., So I hope to see you there. There are always health stories.  I offer you the19 polyps tale, but that is recent and based on my own rather recent colonoscopy--ALL BENIGN!! (the polyps of course)..


05/16/15 08:56 AM #8    

Boyd Whitesides (Excels) (1958)

Hey Dr. Ralph.   We go back a long ways to Clearfield High Days.   I saw Tiny Grant and Frank Reed the other day, and still go skiing with Col. Jay C. Hess.   Want to ski at Snow Basin next winter?   ....   If there is snow.   Good to hear from you.    Sincerely.   BW

05/18/15 12:30 PM #9    


John Thorn (Excels) (1959)

I agree with the good doctor.... time flashes past so fast and not all polyps (etc.) prove benign.  Carpe Deim!


05/20/15 11:56 AM #10    

Boyd Whitesides (Excels) (1958)

John Throne what is new with you?  Happy Birthday when it arrives....Boyd Whitesides

06/26/15 10:51 PM #11    


Larry German (Excels) (1958)


Forgive, as I have been delinguent.

I might be, because you write so well and I am fearful of corrupting the language.

I know there is more, to which I should be acknowledgeing.  But, I don't know how

to flashback, for a refresher course in what was earlier sent. 

I do know ... September is right around the corner and we will have more than a

few minutes to discuss the "meaning of life."

Again, I knew you were smart and an author, but was unawared, 'till now, you are terminal.

Terminal Degreed ... that is.

Larry German, 1957-60 (three year Jr. College student)

01/06/16 06:14 PM #12    


Earl Porter (1956)

In an effort to get some conversation(s) going, other than just replies to What's New posts, I am posting this as a subject for comments.

I wonder if this new website design is better looking than the previous one. The previous had more color and more photos in the header, but the new one is supposed to produce better visibility on devices with screens smaller than a computer monitor (tablets, phones), if you are inclined to use one of the smaller devices.

Some of the links to the other 'pages' are in the same location but others are accessed through a drop down list from the 'person' icon --- like or dislike?

What are some thoughts on all of this? 

01/14/16 05:18 PM #13    


Earl Porter (1956)

Has anyone visited one the Apparel Srores and looked at what is offered and how to use it?

It doesn't matter if you actually purchased anything,,,,just what are your thoughts about it.  

02/16/16 02:55 PM #14    


Ralph Vander Heide (1956)


Just thought I would compose  a little tribute to George.  I am grateful that our lives touched through many years. . . back to high school where we were acquaintances. Sometimes I stood around with a gossip group and let fellow students know that we had done some rather naughty things or there was always skiing at which George was among the most adept and I among the lovers of the sport who admired the most adept and continued  persuing a status of excellence. That level of skiing never arrived, but at Weber State a little closer relationship evolved through our memberships in Sigma Delta Pi. Two years later that ended.  We were off for other pursuits, missions, military obligations more university training, marriages  and the difficulty of facing the radical change in our lives which adjusting to wives and children brought. George and Carma found each other and made their first and only marriage work for his lifetime.  We all admired them  for that.  They were not the so-called "perfect couple" but pretty close, and they unquestionably were loyal, hard working and, I thought ,devoted to each other as noted in the "little things" one observed, perhaps giving in a bit on an issue or complimenting just a tad longer  than societal norms expected. I heard favorite "Carma stories" more than once. He admired Carma and was very proud of her, but never jealous that I could determine. Together they enjoyed lengthy trips throughourt the world which helped them better understand how the world works. . .how the other guy lives.  They learned about the way of life, religions, philosophy, history.  I will miss very much George's rather ironic and somewhat suttle sense of humor. And. . I shall until my own death envision him standing wherever we may be meeting with a cup of coffee in his hand or about to obtain one and upon my approach extending his hand and expressing a greeting. The final segment of our shared lives has taken place at "coffee chats" of various now suddenly "old gentlemen" none of whom understands how we progressed to this age of wisdom and health issues. . With certainty I know that the death of George Whiting creates a vacuum in my own human relationships.  A decent (if a bit  irreverent) man has departed this  shared "vale of tears." We will not meet him for coffee again, but neither shall we forget what he gave us.



02/16/16 07:58 PM #15    


Earl Porter (1956)

AMEN to that, Ralph!

An empty chair will be sitting at our luncheon table next month in George's honor.

03/05/19 04:27 PM #16    


Earl Porter (1956)

After scanning the posts in the What's New forum I wonder why it is not being used more. It seems to be a valuable tool for members to get in touch with old friends and to express themselves, not only to individuals but also to all members.

I once asked if anybody was using the CalssConnection (a Facebook App that is completely separate from Facebook but just presents the Sigma-Excels website in a smaller and different format) and got only one response. However, Site statistics show quite a few accesses to the website are made via phones (both iPhones and Andriod) although statistics don't show if the access was through Facebook. I wonder if any of those were via Facebook or just via a phone browser.

I am soliciting responses to this post.


04/13/19 03:24 PM #17    


Larry German (Excels) (1958)

I don't know how much distribution this will get ... if at all,

as I am not too proficient at these things.   BUT, today is

Robert Petersen's 78th Birthday and tomorrow is Bill

Sneddon's 79th.   That is a pair to draw to.   German

06/21/21 10:00 AM #18    


Jack Minnoch (1959)

Earl, I am for continuing the weekly Zoom calls.

06/21/21 10:49 AM #19    


Steve Porter (1960)


I vote to continue our zoom meetings -Steve 




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