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Other Sites Survey

This survey will be used to determine if the OTHER SITES link will be retained.

The OTHER SITES link lists four selectable sites, two are primarily for Sigma members, since ithey are old original Sigma sites.

The other two sites are where any website member can search for information about the members listed on the Sigma-Excels website. 

This survey will be active for one month then a decision will be made to either eliminate the link of retrain it.

You must be a member to submit this survey. If you are a member please log in first. You can't submit this form until you've logged in.

* Answer Required
1)   * Have you ever used the OTHER SITES link?

2)   * If YES, which site(s)?

3)   * Are you in favor of keeping the OTHER SITES link?

4)   If YES which site(s) are you in favor of keeping?

This survey ended on 02/24/2024.