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Welcome to the Sigma Delta Pi and Excelsior Website

For members of those two Weber College social clubs in the school years 1956 thru 1966

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Sigma Excels Members

I guess no one has any photo memories to share

There have been no photos posted or submitted

Sigma - Excels Members

This is a call for photos from our time at Weber College.

Anything you might want to share with members on the website.

You can upload photos (.jpg .png) creating your own gallery by:

1 - Logon to the website

2 -  Select the Photo Gallery link (not the Luncheons/Dinners flyout)

3 - Scrolldown and select the Weber College Memories Gallery

4 - Select Create your Own Gallery

5 - Follow Instructions

Optionally, you can email them to me if you have them on a computer

or mail them to me if they are actual photographs. 

I will upload them and create your own gallery and return any actual photographs.

email:  earl@sigma-excels.net  ---  mail:  E. Porter 2181 N 3000 W Clinton UT 84015



The Photo Gallery link

If you hover the mouse over the Photo Gallery link in the left-hand sidebar you will notice a flyout that will link you to the Luncheon and Dinner photos.

You can click on Photo Gallery itself to go to the Photo Galleries or click on any of the Luncheons or DInners to view their respective photos.


The Missing Classmates link

If you hover the mouse over the Missing Classmates llink in the left-hand sidebar you will notice a flyout that will link you to a list of email address that are bad.

If you happen to know an email address for anyone on the list please acknowledge it using the Contact Us link. 


The In Memory link

If you hover the mouse over the In Memory llink in the left-hand sidebar you will notice a flyout that will link you to the Obituaries page.

You can click on either the In Memory link itself to go to the entire listing of those who have left us or select the individual obituary of the ones we have.



Look at the UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS in the right sidebar

The names without a club affiliation after them are members of Sigma.

You can send a birthday wish by clicking on the name.







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•   Brent Hancock (Excels) (1959)  2/26
•   Dave Hunter (1960)  2/26
•   Max Carrigan (1958)  2/28
•   Ernie Knowles (1956)  3/7
•   Clark Olsen (Phoenix) (1959)  3/12
•   Mike Burdett (Excels) (1959)  3/14
•   Norm Haugen (Excels) (1961)  3/15


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Percentage of Joined Members: 19.6%

A:   110   Joined
B:   452   Not Joined


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